How to Request Support from Bas-X


Our Support Team strives to resolve issues in the shortest possible time, with benefits for all if this is achieved. We have identified that a detailed email message from you describing a problem is the most effective way for us to achieve this.

To assist us would you please carry out the following steps whenever emailing a new issue to our support team:

Requesting Support from Bas-X

Send an email to

In the Subject Line please use;  "Support Request: [Insert brief description of Problem]
  - Example: "Support Request: Unable to send host to Stores"

Next, provide a detailed description of the problem and any supporting information you have such as:
  -  The time the problem occured.
  -  The steps you may have taken leading up to the problem.
  -  A screenshot of any error messages which appeared.

It's also a great help to us if you list both the expected outcome and the actual result of the task you were performing.
  - Example: I refreshed a product to stores, the changetype should have been set to "New Line" but instead it's showing as a "Data Change".

Bas-X Helpdesk Response

Upon receiving your email we will issue you with a support ticket (Bas-X Issue ID). Please refer to this Bas-X Issue ID in any further correspondence with the Bas-X Support Team. 

You will then receive one or more of the following responses:

  • An email from Bas-X Helpdesk advising that your issue has been resolved, or
  • A link to the Bas-X Wiki containing the required steps for you to resolve your issue, or
  • A request from Bas-X Helpdesk (Phone or Email) for remote access to your session, or
  • A request from Bas-X Helpdesk (Phone or Email) for additional information.

Weekly Support Issues Report

Each Friday afternoon you will be emailed a "Support Issues Report" containing all current open issues and all issues resolved during the week.

Thank you for your assistance.

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