Scandata Retrieval

Retailer's scandata is highly valued by industry groups, suppliers and manufacturers alike who source this information from brokers like AC Nielsen and AZTEC.

Retail management groups and multi-store operators can use Bas-X to retrieve scandata from their stores and forward it directly to AC Nielsen or AZTEC in their particular format.  This can be done simultaneously across many of the different point of sale systems.

Bas-X provides the following features;

  • Automated daily collection of scan data from store's systems
  • Validation and audit of data
  • Data export in specific AC Nielsen or AZTEC format

Bas-X provides the following services;

  • Pro-active Helpdesk and Support (with full system logging)
  • Network connectivity with failover to dialup modem
  • Store agent (software application)
  • Group office system including fully managed;
    • Software application and databases
    • Server hardware
    • IT infrastructure
    • Secure dedicated network access

Bas-X includes the following additional features;

  • Business Intelligence Tools
    • Performance reporting and analysis
    • Comparative performance benchmarking
    • Exception reporting
  • Export reports and data;
    • MS Excel, CSV, RTF

Bas-X are market leaders in integration and interoperability.  True scalablility means there is no limit to the number of stores that can be added to your system.  Bas-X can roll out a solution for your group at a rate of from one to over 100 stores per month.

For more information about Scandata Retrieval for your group, contact us now.