Managed Networks

DSL Broadband

This is a premium broadband service providing simple connectivity to the Bas-X Connect Cloud with speeds ranging up to 24Mbps.  In addition to surfing the web, your DSL connection to the Bas-XConnect Cloud can be customised to and coupled with all other Bas-X services to provide you direct, un-contended access to your websites, wide area network (WAN) sites, and remote access for authorised users.


Wide Area Network

The Bas-XConnect Wide Area Network (WAN) service will make your communications between business sites seamless, reliable, easy and affordable.

The Bas-XConnect Cloud offers equivalent throughput and relability to traditional WAN services like ISDN and Frame Relay at a significant cost saving.  As your WAN sites are connected directly via the Bas-XConnect Cloud and not via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) tunnelled through the internet, data transfers between sites is not only faster and more reliable, but the traffic is also unmetered and free of charge.

Coupled together with Secure VPN services you can also provide authorised 3rd party users remote access to your sites.

Secure VPN Services

Your authorised 3rd party users and contractors can now enjoy secure and reliable access to your network resources.  The Bas-XConnect Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is also uniquely designed to do away with expensive VPN hardware normally required in traditional VPN solutions.  For example, traditional VPN solutions require expensive (up to $900 each) routers at each site and are prohibitively expensive to maintain, change or grow with your business.

Consolidated Argent Terminal Adapters

One of the benefits of your Bas-XConnect Wide Area Network is the ability use the network to carry your EFTPOS transactions across your network to a single (or multiple depending on the number of stores) Argent Terminal Adapter for the group.  This eliminates the need for an Argent Terminal Adapter at every store - saving you at least $70 per month per adapter you eliminate.