Managed IT Services

SaaS ('Software as a Service' or 'Cloud Computing')

The emergence of 'Software as a Service' (SaaS or Cloud Computing) as a delivery model is about to revolutionize retail technology.  SaaS is where software applications are hosted as a service provided through a private network or over the internet.  This eliminates the need for retailers to select, purchase, maintain and replace expensive server hardware and IT infrastructure to run the programs at their sites.


Scan Data Retrieval

Retail management groups often have to contend with differing POS (Point of Sale) systems across their retail sites.  This makes it either impossible or extremely difficult both technically and commercially to measure the business performance, or to manage and maintain effective pricing strategies across the group.


Disaster Recovery (DR) Services

The retail environment is more susceptible to disasters involving loss of data than other office environments.  In addition to environmental risks, the fact that our pricing data changes on a regular basis also increases the margin for error.  Whilst most retailers back up their system as part of their end of day process.  No real tests and checks are made to ensure the data has maintained its integrity and is restorable or taken off site.

Bas-X Online Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) service creates a backup of your valuable data on servers at our Data Centre.  Our Data Centre is located in a sealed, security building complete with CO2 fire prevention systems.  Data validation ensures your file won’t let you down when it comes to recovering from a disaster.