Bas-Xplus Applications

Bas-X has developed an extensive range of Merchandising and Business Intelligence software for the retail industry. Our development team is highly qualified, incredibly skilled and vastly experienced in retail technology.

Bas-X products reflect our committment to innovation and quality.

Price Management

Regardless of whether you are selling goods or services, careful management of your pricing margins is important.  When your business comprises a group of stores, it is ESSENTIAL.  Bas-X provides retail groups the tools necessary to set and maintain pricing strategies across differing markets, competition, demographics, and environments.  Together with Bas-X BI (Business Intelligence Tools) price optimisation can be utilised to deliver sales growth and simultaneously protect and improve margins.

Promotions, Deals & Multi-buys

Retailers today need to be competitive without endangering their bottom line.  Bas-X provides tools for the business to develop and implement effective strategies to utilise promotions, deals, multi-buys and rebates aggressively, yet protect and improve margins.  Volume growth plus margin is retail utopia.

Many reports exist stating that Multi-buy promotions are an increasingly popular alternative to the standard discount pricing strategies, especially for retailers. Rather than knock 25 percent off the price of a product, some retailers are choosing to offer "buy one, get one free" or "buy three for the price of two" promotions to consumers. This strategy is driven by statistics that indicate that such promotions are often so tremendously popular that the volume of sales outweighs the cost of the discount given. Business observers point out that many multi-buy promotions are made economical by the hidden savings that can be realized through them.

POS systems that support multi-buys recognize a second or third pack and automatically adjust the transaction total to value of the Multi-buy.

Supplier Rebate Management

Bas-Xplus includes tools to enable groups to track their Supplier Rebate entitlements linking them to promotional calendars for both scanned and off-invoice promotions.  Never miss a supplier rebate again.

Weigh Scale Management

Bas-XPlus Weigh Scales provides the Group Manager with the tools to manage all scale pricing, nutritional and ingredients information from the group office.  Bas-XPlus provides the mechanism to generate and send the information to stores.  Client side software processes the information and communicates it directly to the in-store scales.  Pop-up messages are conveniently displayed at store level instructing the user when scale information is updated.


BI (Business Intelligence)

The old saying that you "can't improve something without first measuring it" is more important in today's competitive environment.  Without a proper BI strategy, profits can be rapidly eroded with disastrous consequences.  Bas-X BI Tools provides retailers unparalleled access to enterprise level performance analysis, comparative benchmarking, exception reporting, and trending, utilising both current and historical data.  With full auditing of changes at product level at all locations, compliance to group strategy or pricing policy is now available and affordable.
Category and supplier's performance can be instantly measured to allow rapid implementation of revised strategies in terms of meeting competitive and seasonal changes.


Utilities for WSR "Grocery Manager"

Bas-X supplies specially developed software tools to enhance the operational capabilities of WSR's Grocery Manager back office program.  The Bas-X utilities play a vital role for those Grocery Manager users on stock control (perpetual inventory) management and auto-replenishment.  Utilities are also widely used to manage promotional activities.