System Integration

The roots of Bas-X belong in System Integration.  Retailers have, in the past had to make the best of disparate systems Ė POS systems that donít link with their accounting systems, group office systems that arenít robust enough to guarantee reliable collection of data, corporate systems with no connection to stores.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) integrate all data and processes of an organization into a single database system.  Bas-X delivers a single database that contains all data for the software modules including:

∑       Retail Management Applications

∑       Business Intelligence & Analytics

∑       Accounting System Integration

In addition to providing a unified database solution, Bas-XConnect enables seamless communication between applications and locations.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) - Retailers spend thousands of dollars on applications to perform specific processes.  These include Point of Sale systems, Accounting systems, Time Management systems and Security systems. The biggest challenge is to integrate these applications so that business processes as a whole, perform seamlessly.

Often these applications are incompatible, not allowing businesses to realize their full potential. Bas-X Enterprise Application Integration can help solve this problem by supplying interfaces between a retailerís POS and other systems.

For a listing of interfaced applications please contact us.

Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

Enterprise Information Integration (EII) - Bas-Xís technology platforms utilize the latest Enterprise Information Integration (EII) methodology and tools.  Particularly suited to the disparate nature of retail technology systems, EII rationale provides Bas-X applications the ability to access data from where stored and create a virtual access layer.  EIIís ability to access any data form or data source means itís not only quick to deploy but ensures integrity of the original data source.